Wednesday, May 24, 2006

4x4s Cause Damage at the Carwash

Mark Collins writes: "You may want to add that you might be turned away from a carwash if you own a 4x4. I work for the UK's biggest carwash supplier and I can confirm that the biggest petrol stations are beginning to ban 4x4's from their washes, as a result of damage to their equipment. I can name one site that had over £6500 damage caused in 6 weeks from various 4x4's. Most carwashes cannot effectively 'see' the spare wheels and bull bars, and as a result try to wash the car as if its not there. Net result? smashed and bashed machinery.
Oh, and the most common damage caused by 4x4's? Customers driving into the carwash, because they cannot judge the width of the car correctly. The funniest accidents are caused by the owners of crewcab pick-ups. The roofbrush gets stuck in the loadbed, leaving owners trapped for ages.....what a shame."