Monday, November 26, 2007

Brussels Gives 4x4 Drivers the Red Card

Our friend Jeroen from the group 4x4Info Action in Belgium wrote us recently about an awareness raising activity they did recently, which has received a lot of press attention.

"11 people were dressed as football referee and handed out red cards to SUV drivers. We had a team of 6 cheerleaders which created a party-like atmosphere."

What did the anti-4x4 activists want to express? Here's their list:

* Despite the fact that heavy cars emit more CO2, car manufacturers continue to flood cities with them.

* Car manufacturers break the rules by not informing consumers on the CO2 emissions of the cars they sell, and advert mainly heavy and powerful cars instead of fuel-efficient vehicles.

* Consequently, car manufacturers fail to meet the CO2 reduction emission targets, but paradoxically blame consumers for it.

* Governments should show strong leadership and force car manufacturers to make CO2 reduction a top priority.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

How do 4x4 Drivers Park?

We received this photo this week, from one of our MySpace supporters. He wrote: 'I see what you mean! spotted this specimen in my town, owner was a young mum with no visible disability or sticker on car, she gave me a mouthful for taking this pic!'

Well, this isn't the first time we've heard of lousy or fraudulent parking. We regularly see 4x4s hogging two parking bays (to protect their baby) or the wheel base sticking farther out into the street.

Hoodies to Fight 4x4s

As the winter cold takes over activists need warmer gear for ticketing those arrogant and obsessive luxury 4x4s. So we have designed a few hooded sweatshirts. Here, Olivia sports one of the best selling designs, available from our shop.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Are Diesel and LPG 4x4s Better or Worse for our Cities?

We get a lot of complaints from disgruntled owners of large urban luxury 4x4s who drive diesel models or who have converted their old Landie to LPG.

Diesel cars in general burn 'hotter' and so are more 'fuel efficient'. They also emit less CO2. So, should we be congratulating drivers for 'going green' by buying diesel and using LPG?

Well, our friend Simon Birkett over at the Campaign for Clean Air has informed us that diesel engines should be replaced in general by petrol or LPG in cities and that diesel vehicles should be priced out of London. The reason? Diesel vehicles produce up to 3 times as much air pollution.

And while LPG generally produces less CO2 and other air pollutants than petrol models, the benefits aren't that clear cut. This week the Department for Transport released a report that compares petrol engines and LPG. The study shows that some car models produce twice as much NOx on LPG as they do with petrol. So, some vehicles are better and some are worse in this regard.

Also, the lack of refuelling stations for LPG means driving further may offset the inherent CO2 benefit.

Thinking about converting your vehicle to CNG (compressed natural gas)? It appears that it's not an alternative vehicle fuel to consider because it tends to leak and blow-up!