Monday, April 25, 2005

The Travelling Landrover Protest Hits Basingstoke

The second in the series of protests against Land Rover organised by Berkshire Greenpeace occured today.
Yet another successful event!

Activists from Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire Greenpeace groups converged on Webbers Land Rover on
New Road, Basingstoke. We were also joined by a journalist and two photographers from rival local papers. :o) Who will have the best pictures? Copies will be available soon if anyone wants to see...

Yet again we made an impression on the management, who wasted no time in asking us to leave his property
(before we'd even started) and quickly called the police when he realised we were gathering support from motorists passing by on New Road. Of course, the police didn't do anything, we were on the public highway, not causing any sort of nuisence - except maybe to the climate criminals business, hardly arrestable. What a waste of police time...

We positioned ourselves at a pedestrian crossing, conveniently located by one of the entrances to the showroom on New Road. With banners displayed along the road and activists with many placards we certainly caught the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians! We even had our very own lollypop lady assisting pedestrians across the road, with a lollypop that read "Stop Urban 4x4's". We received a lot of support from many motorists, pedestrians, traffic wardens (!) and some 4x4 drivers.

Time just flew by and before we knew it we had been there over two hours. We finished off with some ticketing and a well deserved Fairtrade coffee (it got a bit chilly out!).

When will the next one be? Which showroom will be next? You'll have to wait and see!