Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Launch of new Hampshire Alliance

Saturday saw the launch of the new Hampshire Alliance Against Urban 4x4s on the grounds at Winchester Cathedral. Over 30 representatives from 15 local groups attended in spite of the heavy rains. 130 4x4s were 'ticketed' around the town centre. There was a very good media response, with several pre-records being played throughout the day, as well as a phone-in session on BBC Solent with Peter White.

Organiser Darren Shirley had this to say: "The Hampshire Alliance has been a long time coming. The inexplicable growth in 4x4 ownership across Hampshire has been evident for a while and the groups who formed the coalition have been working individually to tackle the rising level of local carbon emissions and other pollutants caused by vehicle emissions. It seemed sensible to combine our efforts and work together to stop big 4x4 (along with other gas guzzling cars) from choking our children and killing our planet. We don't want Winchester and the other towns and cities of Hampshire to end up like Chelsea! 4x4 sales are dropping and we aim to ensure this trend is continued across Hampshire and appropriate measures are brought in locally to curb the influx of 4x4s into the counties cities." Future events are already planned. Posted by Picasa