Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Car Sticker that Warns Motorists to Ban the Phone

If you travel around London, it's not uncommon to see motorists chatting away on the mobile phones whilst driving. Our friend Arvind has been busy starting a new campaign to try and help reduce the trend. His new bright yellow car sticker warns drivers to Zap their phone not people.

“I got so frustrated at seeing so many motorists continuing to use mobile phones whilst driving that I thought I just had to do something about it. One day I was driving along in a slow moving London traffic queue near a school and there were 3 motorists around me using their phone even though it is now illegal and highly dangerous to do so.

The stickers have a simple message "Zap your phone, not our children" and have been designed in a glowing yellow color for maximum visibility and impact.

It is even worse when you see 4x4 drivers using their mobile phones whilst driving – their action could kill a child just like that.

I believe that my simple sticker idea will save many lives and injuries. Every car in the country should have one in its back window.”