Monday, November 26, 2007

Brussels Gives 4x4 Drivers the Red Card

Our friend Jeroen from the group 4x4Info Action in Belgium wrote us recently about an awareness raising activity they did recently, which has received a lot of press attention.

"11 people were dressed as football referee and handed out red cards to SUV drivers. We had a team of 6 cheerleaders which created a party-like atmosphere."

What did the anti-4x4 activists want to express? Here's their list:

* Despite the fact that heavy cars emit more CO2, car manufacturers continue to flood cities with them.

* Car manufacturers break the rules by not informing consumers on the CO2 emissions of the cars they sell, and advert mainly heavy and powerful cars instead of fuel-efficient vehicles.

* Consequently, car manufacturers fail to meet the CO2 reduction emission targets, but paradoxically blame consumers for it.

* Governments should show strong leadership and force car manufacturers to make CO2 reduction a top priority.