Saturday, June 07, 2008

4x4 Sales fall 18% in the UK

Last week came the welcome news that sales of 4x4s has fallen last month by 18% compared to sales in May 2007. At the same time sales of smarter 'greener' cars have soared by 120%, according to new SMMT figures.

According to the SMMT, "sales of 4x4s fell from 13,617 in May last year to 11,126 this May, a drop of 18.3%. Even sales of smaller off-roaders to which many drivers have already 'down-sized' have fallen."

This comes at a time when 4x4 sales are generally slumping in the US as well, do to increasing fuel, food and energy costs. GM recently reported that they may stop producing the large Hummer SUV.

In the UK there is also a new increase in VED taxation as well as increased fuel duty.