Sunday, July 20, 2008

Alliance Launches Mundo Cars

You know, back in 2003 when we started ticketing 4x4s in Camden, I never thought we'd be launching a car company. But that's where we've come to out of necessity. 25% of our UK carbon emissions come from transport.

Now, cars aren't going to disappear in the short term, as much as some of the green activists would like, so we need aspirational cars now more than ever. But we need cars that don't cost us the earth.

So, in 2008, here we are, working alongside groups across Europe to launch a new car company called Mundo. Mundo of course means the Earth in Spanish.

Most car companies advertise all the special things their cars Does - faster speed, better braking. We wanted to start a car company that brags about all the things it Doesn't.

Doesn't do what? Well, it doesn't use greenwash to sell cars. It doesn't create toxic levels of air pollution. It doesn't advertise itself in far away exotic places most of us will never go. It doesn't flout emissions regulations. It doesn't avoid change.

In fact, Mundo doesn't exist. Not yet. And that's why we need everyone's help. For starters we need to press for sane CO2 targets from all the car makers. They all need a clear direction, and they need a binding target to steer for. Challenge, creative friction and pressure is good. It's healthy. It's how all of us grow and mature.

So we need all of you to help Mundo to grow, to talk to people who can change cars to become Mundo Cars.

Mundo - Cars that DON'T. Instead of cars that DO.