Thursday, October 02, 2008

Do the Conservatives Really Care about Reducing Greenhouse Gases?

It's pretty well recognized today that human-induced climate change is the greatest long-term threat to humans and wildlife.

In fact, you would think everyone but the loonies would support measures that decrease our dependency on oil and help to reduce CO2 emissions. But that isn't the case. Our Conservative MEPs are working hard to help scupper new fuel-saving targets for the car industry.

We strongly believe that a tough EU regulation to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars is an essential part of meeting the carbon reduction targets of both the UK and the EU. Research for the UK Government shows that low carbon cars could make the single biggest contribution to cutting carbon emissions from transport. In particular, we see this regulation as playing a significant role within a range of measures to tackle emissions reductions from transport.

To date, the motor industry has not played a full part in tackling climate change, as the failure to meet the targets in the Voluntary Agreement shows. In fact, around the globe they have continually fought off regulations, instead insisting that any rules will hurt their industry economically.

Given the fact that cars form the single biggest category of oil use and that there is an impressive technological potential to make them more fuel efficient, one of the most effective measures the EU can take to reduce its rapidly rising oil import bill is to introduce mandatory fuel efficiency targets.

So just when we need or MEPs to be visionary, MEPs like Martin Callanan are pressing for agreements that favour German car makers like Porsche and Mercedes Benz who continue to build luxury cars for fat cats that are both heavy and polluting.