Saturday, February 03, 2007

Clementine Florence Cope, 10 lbs 9 oz

Sarah, one of the founders of the Alliance, gave birth last week to Clementine Florence Cope. Clementine has sent us an exclusive story.

"Born last Wednesday in London’s Hampstead, I was fascinated when I first looked out of the window and espied the world. There was white stuff everywhere. “That’s snow,” explained my Mummy. I could also see lots of boxes on wheels going past. Mummy explained that these were called 4x4s. I wondered why so many people were driving these big ugly tanks whilst others could seemingly manage fine with smaller cars, bicycles, buses – and pushchairs!

Mummy told me how dirty and dangerous 4x4s are. I wondered what positive step I could take. A quick internet search took me to the website for the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s. I swiftly bought an organic t-shirt, and stickers with which to decorate my pushchair. (NB. zero emissions! carbon neutral!).

My advice to babies everywhere is that it is us who will suffer in the future because of selfish people driving 4x4s today. Take action now! And if your parents drive a 4x4, create a stink. Literally. Poo yourself dramatically, puke all over the luxury upholstery, and scream until you make their ears bleed. We babies must stand – well, sprawl – against horrible 4x4s!"

We look forward to continuing reports from Clementine Florence Cope.