Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nurse Thinks 4x4s are Pointless Vehicles

We received this letter from a student nurse in Manchester today:
'I am writing in support of your website which I have just been informed of. I write this as I watch John Sergeants "Driving me Crazy" which highlights the monstrosity that is the 4x4.

As a mini driver I find these vehicles extremely intimidating and fear for my own safety when being followed by a 4x4.

As a student nurse I have also been exposed to the tragic consequences of accidents involving 4x4s have created and although the new tax raise has been implemented this is clearly not enough to dissuade drivers.

These vehicles are ridiculous, dangerous and completely pointless. I would like to suggest that individuals who wish to own a 4x4 should have a legitimate reason to do so, for example, if they work on a farm or have to regularly travel on terrain requiring a hardy vehicle."