Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Real 4x4 Driver Complains About Posers

We have been receiving complaints from legitimate 4x4 owners for a while now. In fact, a lot of farmers actually support our campaign. This letter arrived this morning:

"Dear 4x4,
The majority of these vehicles are driven by agressive females aged 30-50, of which the tractor forms part of the bling lifestyle along with food shopping at M&S & Waitrose.

The one thing I do notice however is that well over 95% of these don't sport a towbar!,so what the hell are they used for? I am shortly to own a 4x4, but it is a second vehicle with the sole function of towing a caravan & boat off road. If these vehicles were purchased for their primary use then we would not see so many of these tractors on the school run and the need for you to campaign so vigorously."