Monday, July 02, 2007

Stereotypical 4x4 drivers?

We received the following letter from a supporter in Wilmslow, just to illuminate us on the mentality of some 4x4 owners:

"Where exactly in Wilmslow does a driver of a 4x4 need 4-wheel-drive? Whilst negotiating the speed bumps at Sainsbury's? Or mounting the kerb near the primary school so that I have to walk in the road to get past with my little boy walking home from school..Hmmmmm

This kind of arrogant vehicle owner should be shamed into re-thinking their choice of car. No Need!!!

Incidentally, a friend of the family has a BMW X5; they are a couple with no kids, and paid a lot for it, they live in Wilmslow, which fit's the stereotype. Anyway, they actually bragged to everyone that when they park up, they straddle the white lines in the parking bay, thus using up 2 spaces, because "We don't want anyone to "door" us when they park next to us...

I was just dumbstruck and to my eternal shame, did not come back with a damming comment, I had no frame of reference to begin to understand their thinking behind that kinda policy. They actually said it in the same way and with the same internation that you might say something like "Whenever we open a bottle of wine, we always finish it, no point in keeping half a bottle..."

They then went on to say that they had to park like this, because the spaces weren't big enough for a 4x4, obviously it's a conspiricy then!"