Wednesday, February 06, 2008

British Caravans - Are Brits the Fatso's of Europe?

Our caravaning correspondent keeps us posted on the latest news from the caravaning world. She writes, "This month's C&C Club magazine features an article on lightweight caravans (in fact it's their cover feature). They are being quite clever as they are not directly criticizing 4x4's as they no doubt realize many of their members own them, but focus on their higher CO2 emissions and higher fuel consumption as well as pointing out smaller cars are better for town driving."

"The article features caravans suitable for towing by the Ford Focus (hooray!) and the Fiat Brava. I didn't realize why some caravans are really heavy but apparently its directly due to the level of equipment - that 24'' TV weighs a lot and so does the double oven- and the C&C Club ask if people really need all of this high spec stuff."

"Many foreign caravans have a very low level of equipment (but are not necessarily lower on quality) and are quite light but sadly, British-made caravans tend to be packed with equipment and are therefore very heavy. The C&C Club says our attitudes need to change before our own manufacturers take lightweight caravans seriously (although they do predict they will)."