Monday, February 18, 2008

We're Not Anti-Car, But...

I'd like to set the record straight. We're not anti-car.

Unlike some of our green colleagues who want only to rid the city of cars altogether, we've always understood that some may need a car. What we do find more interesting is redirecting the current trajectory of personal mobility away from large gas-guzzling, clumsy and poorly designed vehicles to something new, graceful and a harmonius part of our environment.

The 4x4 (4-wheel drive) was originally designed to be a service vehicle for wartime - an all-terrain vehicle. Unfortunately, that capability isn't required in the city, yet due to their glorification and slick psychological manipulation by the advertising agencies, these clumsy cars have achieved star status. That's what we are actively undermining.

This is the cold reality of our times: with the urgency of climate change intersecting our pathway of self-centered economic advancement, our increasingly congested environment is screaming for new solutions.

Filling our land with increasingly larger, more powerful belching vehicles isn't the future we're prepared to accept.

Unfortunately for our detractors, we've already won. The minute that 4x4s started to be debated openly in public, our campaign won because it reached the 85% who also see they are not the future.