Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vote for Less Polluting Cars

This is the time to take action for less polluting cars

The European Parliament is set to cast a decisive vote on 25 September 2008 on a bill to reduce the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of new cars.

The Industry Committee voted on 01 September, producing an opinion which could significantly weaken this bill a great deal. Their vote is in stark contrast with public opinion, which seems to be common for governments these days.

A recent poll gathered from 5 member states, including the UK, showed that 87% of European citizens think measures to require carmakers to reduce the fuel consumption of new cars by 25% should be urgently introduced, and that Europeans consider climate change to be the second biggest serious problem (62%) facing the world, after poverty (68%).

It is extremely worrying and disappointing that the Industry Committee put the interests of the car industry over the people and the environment. Our conservative MEPs seem set to do the same. Both John Bowis (London) and Martin Callanan (NE) have written letters which show that they are more interested in protecting the industry then they are in pushing for better cars for car consumers using technology that is available now.

On 25 September the Environment Committee will cast a vote which will play an essential role in the final outcome of the bill.

Please tell your MEPs to vote for the people and the climate. And spread the news.

Vote for less polluting cars.