Saturday, June 16, 2007

What is a 'Guzzle of 4x4 Drivers'?

The Independent today posted the results of a competition for new collective nouns.

One of them is: A guzzle of 4x4 drivers. As in: "The narrow road beside the school was entirely blocked by a guzzle of 4x4 drivers picking up their children." (Winner: Matthew Balmforth)

Explaining further about 4x4 drivers, the Independent states,'These are today's latest villains, and many people are keen to pigeonhole them as self-satisfied, inconsiderate, and environmental polluters in the extreme.'

'The winning word, which was suggested by a considerable number of people,manages to combine punchy impact with a sense of profligate consumption. An arrogance of 4x4 drivers was the second most-popular term. Others included: a pollution; an emission; a carbonation; a choke; an annoyance; an infuriation; a belligerence; an indifference; a menace; a smog; a smugness; a self-justification; an aloof; an insolence; a bombast; an inconsideration; a burberry; a Chelsea (as in the tractor); a Clarkson (as in Jeremy); a school run (popular but a bit obvious).