Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost There with Higher Congestion Charging For 4x4s

In 2005 we started our campaign along with Greenpeace to charge the most polluting vehicles more (£20) to enter London's Congestion Charge. This includes most luxury 4x4s. We prepared a report to show how this new scheme could work, overcame TfL's obstacles and we handed it to the GLA.

The consultation period period ended late last year, and while there has been some backtracking on offering incentives for people to actually switch from a large gas guzzler to a smaller and leaner vehicle, we're hopeful that there will still be a stiff charge for the most polluting cars.

As we're not against freedom of choice, it seems only fair that if someone chooses to drive a heavier and more polluting vehicle than the average citizen, then they should also be willing to accept responsibility for their choice has on the environment.

All the extra revenue from this scheme goes towards enabling better public transport